Can I Keep my Bank Account in Bankruptcy?

Can I Keep my Bank Account in Bankruptcy?

When you file bankruptcy you will not be forced by your bank to close your bank account because they will be breaking the law if they do so.

However, as a licensed insolvency trustee, we recommend that you close your bank account before you go bankrupt and open a new bank account with a new financial institution who you have never held an account with before (such as a credit card, bank account, or loan).

Can I Keep my Bank Account in Bankruptcy?The reason for this is, that while bankruptcy will stop all collection attempts, it might take some time before all of your creditors are notified. Your trustee will notify your creditors immediately about your bankruptcy or proposal, however it can take time for the right people to receive notice of your insolvency, and changes can take time to take effect throughout the computer systems of your bank.

If you have any pre-authorized payments your creditors might still attempt to take funds from your accounts, even after you have filed bankruptcy.

With a new bank account, with a new financial institution, you will have a full fresh start when you go bankrupt.

Even if you are pleased with your current bank account it is highly recommended to open a new account before you enter the bankruptcy process.

Your creditors might make mistakes as well and if someone forgets to update the computer records, your bank still might attempt to take money from your account.

If money is taken from your account without your knowledge, you might bounce your rent cheque or be unable to afford groceries or gas for your car. While you will be able to recover these funds by notifying your trustee, your financial situation can become more of a mess.

Can I Keep my Bank Account in Bankruptcy?

By opening a new account you can be sure to avoid all of these headaches and you can go on with rebuilding your financial future.

If you have any questions about this or other aspects of bankruptcy or consumer proposals you can set up a FREE consultation with our trustees.

Thank you very much for the information. You are a great help and I can finally close the door on this.

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