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Credit Counselling Canada -
We Offer Credit Counselling Services

Credit Counselling Can Help You Get Your Debts Under Control

Credit Counselling Canada - Are you having trouble making your minimum payments?

Are your debt problems causing you trouble in your relationships, with your health, and causing you to lose sleep?

Our credit counselling services can help you put an end to your stress and worries.

Non Profit Consumer Credit Counselling From Canada's Leading Debt Provider

Our licensed counsellors are non-profit and we provide consumer credit counselling services across Canada.

We will help you understand your debt relief solutions and the options you have for getting out of debt.

We have friendly, professional and experienced licensed credit counsellors.

We can help you create a plan to:

  • Get your finances back on track and your debts under control,
  • Successfully manage your day to day living expenses,
  • Consolidate your Canadian debts into 1 easy to manage monthly payment,
  • Put an end to wage garnishments, collection calls and other legal actions,
  • Save money on interest charges

Speak with a credit counselling expert today to learn more about our credit and debt counselling services.

Our counselling services can help you pay off your debts, lower your interest rate and won't hurt your credit report.

When you meet with one of our friendly credit counsellors, your session will include:

A Financial Overview:

Your licensed credit counsellor will help you review your financial situation by looking at your spending, debts, income.

A Review of Your Options & Possible Debt Solutions:

In many cases, our experienced credit counsellors can help you identify a way to get out of debt that you can work on yourself.

If your counsellor thinks you need more professional help, they will explain all of the benefits and drawbacks of other debt relief methods we can help with including debt consoldiation, an informal settlement, making a debt management plan, making a consumer proposal, or filing a consumer proposal.

No matter how challenging or difficult your situation seems, there is a way to get out of debt.

A Money Management Plan:

When you work with one of our licensed credit counsellors you will get help in developing a personal budget that will help you manage your finances better.

A reasonable spending plan and budget will help you get your debt under control and reach your financial goals.

When you file bankruptcy, or make a consumer proposal, you will need the skills of managing your money so this is always a beneficial aspect of working with a credit counsellor.

Money Management Advice:

Your friendly credit counsellor is also an experienced expert at solving debt and helping people manage their money.

The credit counsellor you meet with will help you learn skills in budgeting, making better spending habits, and managing your credit properly.

Education is an important aspect of getting out of debt.

We Offer Straightforward Costs and Services

We are licensed credit counsellors so we are proud to offer straightforward costs and services.

Unlike some credit counselling agencies, we are proud to offer:

  • Free initial consultations,
  • Robust counselling services, as well other debt relief solutions,
  • A plan in writing so you have a straightforward plan to get out of debt,
  • Money management help so you can build your skills at managing your finances,
  • Monthly statements of the payments you make.

Our Credit Counsellor's Qualifications

Some credit counsellors are not licensed or have any special training.

However, when you receive credit counselling from a Licensed Insolvency Trustee with Bankruptcy Canada, you will be meeting with a licensed and highly trained professional.

Our counsellor’s qualifications include:

  • A high level of education,
  • Specialized training, including the requirement to continue professional traings,
  • Years of experience.

Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the highest trained debt professionals in Canada.

We have unique money management skills in personal finance, credit counselling, consumer credit, money management and a variety of debt relief solutions.

Our Alternative Debt Relief Options

If credit counselling is not enough for you to get out of debt, you don't have to worry!

We understand how challenging and worrying debt can be, and how complicated it can make your daily life.

We understand that credit counselling is only helpful for some individuals, and that is why we are a one stop shop for debt relief services.

We are proud to offer a range of debt relief solutions, such as consumer proposals, personal bankruptcy services, debt consolidation help and informal debt settlements.

If you would like to meet with a licensed professional to learn your next steps to become debt-free all you need to do is contact your local insolvency office for your own confidential debt relief consultation.

We can help you get your debt under control.

Credit Counselling Services in Canada



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"Your help made life so much easier."
"When I first met with the credit counsellor, I was afriad to answer the phone due to all the collection calls, and I couldn't sleep at night. After meeting with you, I saw a way to get out of debt." Randy - Victoria, BC


All of the Licensed Insolvency Trustees of Bankruptcy Canada are members of CAIRP (Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restrucuring Professionals).
CAIRP is the governing body that advocates for the insolvency (bankruptcy and consumer proposal) process in Canada.