Debt Consolidation Program

Consolidating Debts:

A Comprehensive Guide to Regain Financial Control

Financial wellness is more critical than ever. In the modern world where credit cards and loans are a part of everyday life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by debt. The Debt Consolidation Program (DMP) is a solution designed to help individuals regain control of their financial situation.

What is a Debt Consolidation Program?

Contrary to popular belief, a Debt Consolidation Program is not a loan or a government initiative. It is a strategy designed to help people manage their debts efficiently. The program is also referred to as a Debt Repayment Plan or Debt Management Plan.

“A Debt Consolidation Program is a lifeline for those struggling under the weight of various debts.”

A DMP is an agreement between you and your creditors, facilitated through a licensed consumer credit counselling service.

How Does a Debt Consolidation Program Work?

Consolidation of Debts

In a DMP, all your unsecured debts (mainly credit card payments) are consolidated into one manageable monthly payment. This payment is determined based on your current budget, ensuring you can afford it.

Role of Credit Counselling Service

Once you’re enrolled in a program, you make one payment to a licensed consumer credit counselling service, which then disburses the funds to your creditors every month.

Interest Rates

One of the key advantages of a DMP is the reduction of interest rates. Typically, the interest rates on your debts are either reduced to zero or significantly lowered.


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When to Consider a Debt Consolidation Program?

If you find yourself struggling with debt payments and conventional methods aren’t working, a Debt Consolidation Program may be the solution. It allows you to privately repay your debts and does not result in any permanent record.

Getting on a DMP and Rebuilding Your Credit

Your creditors must agree to let you enroll in a DMP. Once enrolled, all your credit cards and unsecured debts will be settled within 5 years. However, most people strive to complete the program as quickly as possible with the average completion time being less than 3 years.

After completing the program, you can start rebuilding your credit. The best part? A DMP is the only formal debt repayment program in Canada that’s completely private with no permanent record. Any debts paid off through the program are erased from your credit report 2 years after you complete the program.

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Seeking Help is OK

Many people get overwhelmed by their debts and feel like they’re drowning. Seeking help through a Debt Consolidation Program is not only a wise decision but also a brave one.

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Completing a Debt Management Program with Credit Counsellor

A credit counsellor can provide valuable assistance in completing a DMP. They can answer your questions and help you decide if the program is the right fit for your financial situation.

Making a Confidential Appointment

If you want to discuss your situation in more detail, you can make a free, confidential appointment with a credit counsellor.

Discuss options to get out of debt with a trained & licensed debt relief professional.

Qualifications of Counsellors

Our counsellors are friendly, professional and highly qualified.


A Debt Consolidation Program is a powerful tool to regain control of your financial situation. It’s not a quick fix, but a strategic plan to pay back your debts and start living a life free of financial stress.

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