How can I Remove Bad History from My Credit Report?

Removing Bad History from Your Credit Report

If you are facing a history of bad credit that is stopping you from planning for a healthy financial future, then it helps to learn how to get rid of bad history from your report.

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Defaulted payments stay with you, in addition to many other issues including:


  • Consumer proposals: These remain on your credit report for three full years after the matter is discharged
  • Bankruptcy: This will stay on your credit report for at least seven years after the bankruptcy is discharged. Depending on your province of origin and the financial matters leading to bankruptcy, this can extend to fourteen years.


The good news is that, even with one (or both) of these issues on your credit profile, you can still access some loans and credit.

However, in order to improve your chances of getting those loans, it helps to get rid of the poor borrowing records on your report.

To do this, there are a few key steps to take such as:


  • Finish with your bankruptcy proceedings as quickly as you possibly can. The seven years will go more rapidly if you start the clock sooner. Since bankruptcy can discharge as quickly as within nine months, all you need to do is complete all your tasks including reporting, making payments, and attending counselling through a licensed credit counsellor.
  • Manage your unpaid debts by paying them off as soon as possible. If you want to get your credit back to good standing, address the smaller amounts first, then move towards the ones with higher rates of interest.
  • Keep an eye out for mistakes. Credit bureaus are not infallible. If there is a flaw in your report that reflects a missed payment which was actually made or a loan not being paid off when it actually is, reach out to the credit bureau to adjust this. Ensure that you have written evidence to back up your claim.


If you want to learn ways to budget more responsibly and retake control of your financial future, reach out to a credit counsellor to get the assistance you need.

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