How to Interview Your Consumer Proposal Administrator

When it comes to managing your debts, it’s crucial to have the right people on your side. One of these key professionals could be a consumer proposal administrator. But how do you ensure you’re choosing the right one? The answer lies in knowing how to interview your consumer proposal administrator effectively.

Understanding the Role of a Consumer Proposal Administrator

Firstly, let’s delve into what a consumer proposal administrator is, and why you might need one. A consumer proposal administrator is a licensed professional responsible for overseeing a Consumer Proposal – a legal procedure designed to settle your debts under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. It’s important to note that only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can act as a consumer proposal administrator in Canada.

Licensing of Proposal Administrators

When interviewing potential administrators, one of your first questions should be about their licensing. Consumer proposal administrators are licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. By consulting their directory, you can verify the professional’s name and the firm they represent.

Cost of Consultation and Consumer Proposal Filing

Another point to discuss during your interview is the cost of the consultation and the proposal filing. Most consumer proposal administrators offer a free initial consultation. Furthermore, you should not have to make any payments until after the proposal documents have been signed and filed with the government.

Remember, the fees consumer proposal administrators can charge are government-regulated and come out of the proposal payments. There should be no upfront or extra payments required.

Checking Referrals and Reviews

Next, inquire about their track record and check their reviews. Websites like the Better Business Bureau can provide valuable insights into the professional’s reputation. Keep in mind that a complaint or two doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on the administrator, as the circumstances behind the complaint may not relate directly to their service.

Beware of Pressure Tactics

During your interview, pay attention to the professional’s demeanor. You should never feel pressured to sign any agreements. Some companies may resort to persistent follow-ups or scare tactics to coerce you into making a hasty decision. Remember, it’s your right to take the time you need to make an informed decision.

Government Warnings and Debt Settlements

It’s also beneficial to be aware of government warnings about debt settlements. These warnings can provide important context about the potential pitfalls and scams in the industry.

Second Opinions Are Vital

Finally, don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion. If you’re unsure about a particular administrator or firm, consult with another licensed consumer proposal administrator. A new perspective can provide valuable insights and help you make a more informed decision.


Remember, the process of selecting a consumer proposal administrator should not be rushed. Take time to conduct detailed interviews, and don’t hesitate to ask tough questions. After all, this professional will be assisting you in a significant aspect of your financial life.

For more information, check out this list of commonly asked consumer proposal questions. This knowledge can equip you with the right tools to find the perfect professional to guide you through your financial journey.

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