Are Most Bankrupts Irresponsible People?

Are Most Bankrupts Irresponsible People?

Are Most Bankrupts Irresponsible PeopleMany people have many different feelings when making the decision to speak with a Trustee.

Many people admit to feeling worried, nervous, confused, embarrassed or ashamed.

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The same people often feel relieved and much better after they meet with the Trustee.

Feelings debtors often have is one of failure and worry that they cannot meet their financial obligations.

Many blame themselves for getting into debt and being unable to pay their creditors what they promised.

Consumer Credit Industry Information

Many debtors are surprised to hear that credit card companies – and other credit grantors – expect a percentage of their customers to go insolvent.

Most often, they only hear this from their Trustee, during their free initial consultation.

Even more surprising for a debtor going bankrupt is that the credit companies are aware that their own practices that cause debtors to go insolvent.

The credit companies are not worried about debtors going bankrupt, because enough customers will repay their debts.

Getting credit is very easy and that is no accident.

Even people with poor credit are able to increase their credit limit with ease.

Many debtors who eventually go bankrupt or make a proposal still receive “pre-approved” credit offers in the mail.

The consumer credit lenders know that extending this easy credit will get some people into trouble, who might even go insolvent.

However, the consumer credit companies also know that almost all debtors are honest people and that even people in severe financial problems will do everything they can to repay their debts.

The credit companies are confident that they will get paid from far more consumer costumers than will go bankrupt or make a consumer proposal.

Debtors That Go Insolvent

It is important to remember that many Canadians have gone bankrupt and that people from all walks of life have been insolvent.

Insolvency is more common than you know and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Many honest, responsible and hard-working Canadians just like you have dealt with money problems and have gone insolvent by seeking a solution from a Trustee.

After seeing the Trustee, people feel better and confident about their future.

Are Most Bankrupts Irresponsible People? Seeing a Trustee For Assistance

It’s normal to be nervous about meeting with a Trustee.

Our Trustees are all very friendly, caring and understanding.

The Trustee will never make you feel guilty or ashamed about seeking bankruptcy assistance.

A Trustee will provide you with a confidential and no pressure consultation. You will get friendly and easy to understand answers to all of your bankruptcy questions and other debt related questions.

Trustees are well trained and highly educated.

A Trustee can also provide you with a full range of debt relief solutions.

Only Trustees are licensed and regulated by the government.

All Trustees also have their fees regulated, so there is no competition based on pricing; all trustees charge the same for providing their insolvency services.

The Trustee has seen all different situations, and understands how the credit industry works.

They will not judge you or your character because you need financial assistance.

A Trustee understands that honest people can easily land in an impossible debt situation.

They know that unexpected situations, divorce, job loss, and injuries often lead to financial problems that leads to insolvency.

By seeing a Trustee you are taking a responsible step to get a fresh start.

You will sleep better once you see a Trustee to learn if an insolvency solution – bankruptcy or a consumer proposal – will work for you.

The worst part will be over as soon as you schedule your appointment to see a Trustee in your area.

You will feel better about your future as soon as you see the Trustee and begin the process of filing bankruptcy or making a consumer proposal.

If you are in a difficult financial situation, we encourage you to make an appointment with a Trustee.

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