Top 5 Financial Blogs to Follow in 2018

Top 5 Financial Blogs to Follow in 2018

As you already know, is a great place to beef up your knowledge on issues related to bankruptcy and debt. But there are a vast number of financial blogs available on other subjects as well. The financial blogosphere actually encompasses an incredible diversity of topics, ranging from mortgages, through credit cards, to bankruptcy, and much more besides.

Managing money is a critical part of life, yet it is often argued that education fails to adequately prepare us for financial wellness. As a result of this perceived gap in financial literacy, many websites endeavor to educate their readers about money management through their blogs.

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To try to make the task of sifting through all of these financial blogs more manageable, we’ve identified some of the most helpful and upcoming financial blogs that you should be following in 2018.

The Dollar Stretcher is a long established personal finance blog with the mission of providing ideas to “live better…for less.”

The site has been providing personal finance education and frugal living ideas since 1996.

Teaching readers how to manage their money more effectively, The Dollar Stretcher attempts to ensure that all those who access it can squeeze every drop of potential out of their resources.

Full of helpful and practical ideas, is a great place to start if you want your money to go further.

The Dollar Stretch offers an eBook called “How to Conquer Debt,” which includes in depth strategies for beating debt.

Financial Mentor

As its name would suggest, Financial Mentor is very much focused on advising its readers on serious investing.

Run by ex-hedge fund manager Todd Tresidder, Financial Mentor expands on some of the most confusing and complicated topics related to money, attempting to make them comprehensible for a mainstream audience.

It does this rather well, and anyone looking to build their personal wealth would be well advised to begin here.

The Money Shed

Of all the community-focused websites in the financial sphere, the Money Shed is arguably the best and most effective. Founded back in 2014 as the Money Shed Forum, the intention of this website was always to assist those keen to work from home.

The Internet has made this increasingly possible, and the Money Shed is the absolute best place to learn about accumulating wealth in the digital world, while sharing your experiences with an esteemed community.

Marginal Revolution

The brainchild of Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution offers some of the most distinctive and informative financial writing anywhere on the web.

With no specific remit, Marginal Revolution is free to touch upon a wide variety of interesting and relevant topics.

Cowen and Tabarrok are able to explain some of the more obscure and obtuse issues in finance, and provide an original and punchy editorial style that leaves readers both entertained and better informed.

Finance Girl

Finance Girl has a light and breezy approach to the serious subject of money, which does not disguise the fact that it also contains useful financial analysis.

Launched by Julie Cheung, a Manchester-based finance blogger, the Finance Girl blog provides a series of intriguing articles on the author’s personal views on accumulating money, investing and saving.

With its decidedly topical slant, Finance Girl covers everything from student debt to cryptocurrencies, with a focus on making every cent you earn stretch as far as possible.

Finance Girl is never so heavy as to be incomprehensible to the uninitiated, and overall provides excellent insight into personal finance.

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