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If you’re in a fix about whether or not you should apply for bankruptcy in the Wasaga Beach, Ontario area like so many Canadians do, it’s time to evaluate your financial situation.



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If any of the following signs resonate with your current state, it’s a good idea to make use of A. Farber & Partners Wasaga Beach Bankruptcy services:


  • A major portion of your monthly pay cheque is dedicated to repaying loans.
  • You have lesser monthly income compared to the debt amount you need to repay.
  • Your creditors have threatened to take legal action against you and won’t stop making phone calls or sending collection letters your way.
  • You’re paying for essentials using your credit card which is at risk of being revoked.
  • Your financial stress is affecting your overall health.
  • In addition to these, filing for bankruptcy here requires you to be a Canadian resident/carry out business in Canada for the last year but now insolvent, meaning that you owe a minimum of $1,000 and are unable to make full debt repayment when they’re due.


Filing for personal bankruptcy in Canada is governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and is a legal process, requiring you to go through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.


With experience of more than 3 decades, A. Farber & Partners Wasaga Beach Bankruptcy services can help relieve you of your financial worries.


Book a free consultation with us first and let our experts help you with personalized debt solutions.


Wasaga Beach Debt Relief


We make use of “The R Plan” so that you are offered the best possible solution.


As per this plan, our experts will first review your financial situation by assessing your debts, assets, income as well as household budget.


After reviewing your financial situation, our experts will be able to offer you the best options to provide you with debt relief that can put you on the right path and help you rebuild your financial situation and improve your credit rating.


Reach out to us today and let us help you with your debt.

A. Farber & Partners Wasaga Beach Bankruptcy
802 Mosley Street
Wasaga Beach ON L9Z 1N9
Phone: 1-844-294-7980