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Before filing for bankruptcy, a debtor can choose debt repayment options.


It bounds the debtor by the terms and clauses of an agreement to address the financial liabilities, they owe towards creditors.


When a debtor fails to make the payments as per the repayment agreement then, the case can be handed over to the collection agencies.



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Laws pertaining to debt collection are regulated by the government in Canada. The debt collection procedure is fairly defined for every province in Canada.


However, operational fallacies of the collection agencies are noticed. Sometimes, these agencies indulge in threats or violations of the privacy rights of the debtor.


Knowing the rights of the debtor in Fredericton in such a scenario is a wise option.


Filing for bankruptcy in Fredericton


Filing for bankruptcy involves legal proceedings in Fredericton and therefore, debt repayment options are sought by the debtors.


A debtor should be well-aware of their safety and privacy rights.


There are federal and provincial rules and regulations which separately impact the operations of debt collections agencies in Canada.


The debt collection agencies contact the debtor through written communication, and phone calls.


Some agencies resort to violation of privacy by threatening, harassment or use of force on debtors.


To avoid such acts of the collection agency, a debtor can reach to Office of Consumer Affairs and request for the assertion of collection agency rules and regulations.


The government delineates the statute of limitations for the operation of the agencies.


From the time of default till six years, the debtor is liable to repay the defaulted amount.


This timeframe though varies according to the province or state, a debtor resides in and typically ranges from two to six years.


Failing to make repayments can severe the credit rating of the debtor to a great extent in case of defaults and can impact future prospects of taking loans on credit.

Allan Marshall & Associates Fredericton Bankruptcy
212 Queen Street
Fredericton NB E3B 1A8
Phone: 506-801-1085