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Are you looking for a bankruptcy trustee or financial guidance in Ajax, Ontario area?


Don’t worry – contact us at David Sklar Ajax/Pickering Bankruptcy office instead.


We can provide you with reliable and studied financial advice.


We don’t deal in advice alone, we also help you drop your debts effectively using relevant debt relief methods.


David Sklar Ajax/Pickering Bankruptcy is a recognized and trusted Licensed Insolvency Trustee.



David Sklar & Associates Pickering, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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You can count on us to help you unsaddle your debts for you.


We have years of experience in the debt relief and insolvency business.


Our past clients will testify for the quality bankruptcy assistance and debt relief services we can provide.


Schedule Your Free Financial Consultation Now


We, at David Sklar Ajax/Pickering Bankruptcy provide our prospective clients with a cost-free, obligation-free, confidential debt consultation.


You can learn about all the viable debt solutions in your case from us during this counseling session.


Our debt experts conduct this free financial consultation and study the client’s finances and debts thoroughly.


Once they’ve determined the severity of your debt load, they suggest you ways in which you can effectively discard your debt.


You Won’t Regret Working With Us


We are patient listeners and empathetic advisors besides being experts in the debt dissolution field.


Of course, we help you drop your debts.


But, that isn’t where our services end.


If you need any emotional or mental guidance and support, we extend this too.


Our clients and their debts become our responsibility when they approach us.


We want the best for you and your well-being and do not compromise on the service we provide you with.


You can rest assured that your debt will be discarded by us soon enough.


Perhaps, we could rid you of your anxieties even sooner!


David Sklar Ajax / Pickering Bankruptcy
1670 Kingston Road West
Unit 1
Pickering ON L1V 3E2
Phone: 647-931-5373