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More than 10% of Canadians have debts that amount to over $25,000.


That’s not a small amount to pay back especially since debts also mean that your finances are under immense strain from interest payments as well.


If you have debts that are well beyond this average, then chances are that you are in severe financial distress already.


There may come a situation when you know that your income and savings will just not suffice to pay off all your unpaid dues.


In such circumstances, it becomes imperative for you to start exploring options that could help eliminate all your debts and let you start afresh.


But what options are available?


How do you go about those?


What impact will they have upon you?


All of these are matters that you should have a thorough understanding of.


What you need at this crucial juncture is an expert who can tell you this and answer all your questions about bankruptcy or other debt management solutions.


At David Sklar & Associates North York Bankruptcy firm, our team of experts is on call to help.


We have the expertise, the experience and the training to understand your situation thoroughly and lay out the right options for you to handle your debt situation effectively.


If you are a resident of NORTH YORK, ONTARIO looking for help in dealing with bankruptcy, talk to us.


Our experts will assess your financials, review your debt situation and  determine if you should go for a consumer proposal or debt consolidation or bankruptcy to deal with the problem.


Remember, all of these come with their own consequences and we can acquaint you with them so you know exactly what to expect.


All the interactions you have with us are completely confidential so you can share your financial data with us without anxiety.


Call us now to book an appointment.

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