Grant Thornton Shelburne Bankruptcy

The Grant Thornton Shelburne Bankruptcy office is open to residents of Shelburne, Nova Scotia who’d like help with their debt issues.


Grant Thornton Shelburne Bankruptcy services can help you with all your debt and bankruptcy related challenges.


Grant Thornton is a reputed and established licensed insolvency trust and customer proposal firm that operates throughout Canada.


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We have thousands of customers who will vouch for the financial restructuring counsel we provide.


So you need not worry about trusting us with your financial matters.


The Grant Thornton Shelburne Bankruptcy firm is no different from any of our other Grant Thornton insolvency trust offices.


You can expect to engage an expert and talented team of finance professionals and investment leaders to work for you when you consult us for our services.


While we provide several kinds of finance counsel, it is debt advisory that we are most known for.


If you fear that your business might be heading towards a debt load, contact us and we will help you restructure your business around so you can bring your profit flow back.


Another of the facilities that we extend to our clients is asset tracing.


If you have been subject to financial losses and would like to find a way to trace back the funds you’d once kept stored but no longer remember, we can recover these funds for you.

If you’d like a consultation, you can reach us via phone/email and we will provide you with a thorough no-cost finance risk assessment.


You will be made aware of all your debt-relief options in this consultation and then left free to decide whether you’d like to engage our financial experts to your service.


We also extend help with drawing up customer proposals and helping file for bankruptcy.


If you find that no other options are left available to you but file for bankruptcy, the Grant Thornton Shelburne Bankruptcy firm will guide you through your bankruptcy process.


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Grant Thornton Shelburne Bankruptcy
125 Water Street
Shelburne NS B0T 1W0
Phone: 1-888-211-3574