MNP Amherst Bankruptcy

Help can be easily had to enable you to file for bankruptcy in Amherst, Nova Scotia now with MNP Amherst Bankruptcy.


We are the regional Amherst branch for MNP Licensed Insolvency Trustees – a recognized name in insolvency and bankruptcy services.


MNP Amherst Bankruptcy is formed out of a group of financial experts with due learning and experience in insolvency services.


We have helped Canadians rise above debt for over 50 years and do not wish to stop with you.


You can try our services out before forming an opinion – we are unlikely to disappoint you.


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Enjoy an Expense Free Financial Consultation


Every person reaching out to us at MNP Amherst Bankruptcy is provided with a cost and obligation free, confidential financial counseling session.


We use this counseling session to get to know you better and so you can learn about us.


Our debt expert will conduct this session with you and get acquainted with your financial troubles.


They will then suggest ways for you to get your finances in the right order.


If you come to us with debt, you might be recommended debt consolidation, debt negotiation, consumer proposal or bankruptcy.


If you seek us out to help with your poor credit, we might suggest financial counseling and restructuring.


Either way, we can help you build a financially brighter future.


You Will Find All the Support You Need


We do not simply provide assistance with financial restructuring, we also extend any emotional/mental support you might require during these trying times.


Handling debt cases for as long as we have has made us aware of how individuals can find themselves overwhelmed with their debt.


It is natural, but it is also important to preserve your well-being.


Our experts guide you on the manner in which to prepare yourself mentally for a debt resolution procedure.


Debt resolution can sometimes be a long-drawn process and we wouldn’t want to see you struggle mentally due to this.


MNP Amherst Bankruptcy
43 Prince Arthur Street
Amherst NS B4H 1V8
Phone: 902-200-1448