MNP Dawson Creek Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy – a word which is dreaded by all.


In spite of that, filing for bankruptcy has become commonplace.


Sometimes we fail to keep track of our finances and end up in debt – an amount of debt which we are not in a position to payback.


Good debt or bad debt seems irrelevant when caught in such a position. You might end up thinking, “Do I have to declare bankruptcy?”


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Consequently, your self-esteem takes a serious blow in the process. MNP Dawson Creek Bankruptcy is a team of Licensed Insolvency Trustee with its office located in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.


Our mission is to give a new lease of life to our clients by getting them back on track after a tumultuous financial situation.


MNP Dawson Creek Bankruptcy believes in handling each client’s needs as a special case and offering custom made solutions.


Generally when one is considering bankruptcy, one tends to forget there are other options too.


We remind our clients regarding those options.


If you allow us to help you, one of our professional trustees would give you a free consultation.


Do not worry about privacy as we prioritize confidentiality in these meetings.


We like to offer debt solutions which will empower our clients with knowledge about how to avoid a debt-laden future.


You might think that you are caught in an inescapable vortex.


MNP Dawson Creek Bankruptcy assures you that you are not alone and promises you that you will find yourself in a far more stress-free situation soon enough.


The details you provide us about your finances and debts will help us understand if any alternative to bankruptcy can be helpful for you.


We will explain to you what your debt-relief options are, and about the criteria requirements for meeting each.


There are different ways of solving debt and our expert LIT will aid you in the best possible way.


We will take charge and manoeuvre you through all the formal proceedings.


Be confident of seeing positive and better days after consulting our bankruptcy experts.

MNP Dawson Creek Bankruptcy
816 103rd Avenue
Dawson Creek BC V1G 2G1
Phone: 1-888-389-0158