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The Office of the Superintendent of bankruptcies, Canada has released data for the month of February 2020 showing that consumer insolvencies had increased by 10.1% when compared with figures from a year previously.


Similarly, business insolvencies had increased by 3.1% over the same period. If you are an individual facing severe finance distress, you now know that many Canadians are facing similar problems.



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However, this is not a reason for you to ignore your mounting issues and fail to put an effective end to it right away.


This is the time for you to take the reins of your finances firmly in your hands, aided by an expert, and eliminate your debts effectively.


If you are a resident of KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA then our experts from MNP Kamloops Bankruptcy firm are at your service to help you manage your debts efficiently and regain your financial health.


There are quite a few debt management strategies that can be adopted to handle massive debts but it can be confusing for a layman to understand the nuances of each and to choose the one most ideally suited for them.


With our expert by your side, you can leave this in their capable hands to acquaint you with the basics of each strategy and also guide you towards the most suitable one for you.


At MNP Kamloops Bankruptcy firm, we are not here to just give you advice.


We will be with you step by step, guiding you through the strategy you choose and assisting you until you are free of debt.


Our experts can give you advice, tips and guidance on budgeting so that you never fall back into a debt trap again or face financial distress again.


Talk to us today to learn how we can help you eliminate your debts thoroughly and restore your financials to good health.

MNP Kamloops Bankruptcy
301 Victoria Street,
Suite 220
Kamloops BC V2C 2A3
Phone: 1-888-389-0158