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Did you know that every year several hundreds of people file for bankruptcy in Antigonish, Nova Scotia?


Residents and students of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, who face financial difficulties, are forced to file for insolvency or bankruptcy as a final resort.


Advantages of filing for bankruptcy

While bankruptcy is viewed as a final resort and brings on a lot of stress, it also offers excellent benefits.

Filing for bankruptcy:

  • Allows you to start your finances with a clean slate.
  • Eliminates most of your debts.
  • Prevents creditors from repossessing your property.
  • Puts a stop to creditors from calling you, sending you letters, or suing you.

Disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy

There are some disadvantages associated with filing for bankruptcy. These include:


  • Your bankruptcy will show up on your credit report for a specified period.
  • Your credit cards could be cancelled.
  • You might find it challenging to get a loan.
  • You will have duties to perform in any bankruptcy.

When faced with huge financial debts that you know you cannot repay, you might be faced with the decision of whether filing for bankruptcy is the best choice for you.


Don’t decide on your own.


Our advisors at our Antigonish office can help you make the best decision based on your circumstances.


MNP Limited offers Antigonish bankruptcy services to all the residents and students of Antigonish.


We offer the best advice and solutions based on your unique financial problems.


Our excellent and professional team are friendly and are willing to spend all the time needed to help you make an informed decision.


Plus, we will also help you file your bankruptcy papers seamlessly and quickly, so do not face needless hassles.


Give us a call today, and we can provide you with valuable advice and services regardless of your current financial situation.

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