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MNP Portage La Prairie Bankruptcy

MNP Portgage La Prairie Bankruptcy is a licensed insolvency trust firm in Portgage la prairie, Manitoba which provides help with filing for bankruptcy.


Individuals looking for help in declaring bankruptcy and finding ways to relieve themselves of their debt can make use of the expert services provided by our bankruptcy trustee firm.


Our LIT has over 50 years of experience in helping clients overcome debt effectively.



MNP Limited Portage la Prairie, MB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

780 Saskatchewan Ave. W.
Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 0M7
Phone: 888-416-2892


We are a team of professional debt experts who counsel you on how you can deal with your mounting debt loads safely and securely, without having to face legal charges for it.


MNP Portgage La Prairie Bankruptcy offers a confidential no-obligation initial consultation for prospective clients who’d like to engage the firm into its service.


You do not have to pay a penny to have our debt experts counsel you on the best ways to secure your path out of debt.


Most people believe that declaring bankruptcy is the only way they can rid themselves of unpayable debt. It is far from the truth.


Debt Solutions in Portage La Prairie, MAN


There are several debt-relief methods one can use.


Consumer proposals and financial counseling can equally be beneficial for anybody looking to discard their debt.


If you are satisfied with our consultation, you can proceed to engaging into business with us.


When you contract us into providing you with our debt-relief service, we assist you in whichever way we determine best for you to set yourself free from debt.


We help you draw up your consumer proposal and help you in every stage of your bankruptcy filing procedure.


Our team at MNP Portgage La Prairie Bankruptcy is aware how debts can cling onto almost anybody.


You never need to feel any guilt or shame when working through your debt with us.


If you feel any stress or anxiety, feel free to confide in our professionals and we will help you overcome these negative feelings and find your way to a comfortable debt-free life.


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MNP Portage La Prairie Bankruptcy
780 Saskatchewan Ave. W.
Portage la Prairie MB R1N 0M7
Phone: 888-416-2892
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