MNP Quebec Bankruptcy

A Canadian seeking bankruptcy help is an occurrence that has become extremely common.


By now, we shouldn’t even bat an eyelid on hearing one is considering filing for bankruptcy.


However, if you are the one considering it, you know it’s easier said than done.


MNP Quebec Bankruptcy to Your Rescue


If you are submerged in debt and looking for a way out, you need a bankruptcy expert to help you.


MNP Quebec Bankruptcy is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm aiming to help consumers of Quebec city win freedom from their debt.


One goes through a swirl of emotions when considering bankruptcy and we understand this well.


We try our best to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients.


Why You Need Our Help


You should be fully informed about bankruptcy before taking a final decision.


An appointment with us will give you a free and private consultation with one of the advisors from our LIT team.


We will explain to you if you qualify for bankruptcy and what are the different ways of filing bankruptcy.


Your trustee at MNP Quebec Bankruptcy will not only assess your finance but also help you draw a budget to check your expenses.


Other than bankruptcy, there are other options which you should know of.


Debt consolidation, debt negotiation and the snowball and ladder approach to pay off debt are a handful of such options.


We will inform you about each of these so you can make a studied decision when opting for a debt-relief method.


How We Can Assist You


Your trustee will study your financial situation to understand your debt-to-income ratio.


Bankruptcy is the last option MNP Quebec Bankruptcy recommends when it comes to debt relief.


If you have no other option left, our trustee will start arranging relevant paperwork for you to help you file for bankruptcy.


Any finance-related dealings from hereon will be executed by your trustee, which means, your creditors won’t be able to contact you any longer.


We will arrange for your mandatory credit counseling which will help you to understand and manage your finances better. You will have a friend in us till the completion of the whole bankruptcy process.



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