MNP Sudbury Bankruptcy

MNP Sudbury Bankruptcy welcomes you if you are looking for bankruptcy help in the Sudbury, Ontario area.


According to a Canadian government source, there are more than 120,000 Canadians who either file a consumer proposal or declare bankruptcy every year.


These people are honest and law-abiding.


The only reason they did not meet their debt obligations was the overwhelming debt they could not cope up with because of some tragic circumstance.


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You are, therefore, not alone in seeking bankruptcy.


We also understand like most of these people, probably you also encountered some tragic circumstances.


We will not go into those personal details but would want to reassure you that there exist several solutions to your financial problem.


Personal bankruptcy is not the only solution.


We have a responsibility to serve you as the bankruptcy trustee in Canada.


Our trustees are licensed by the federal government to precisely do this job.


We will help you understand your options.


We will review your situation and we will recommend the best course for you to go ahead with.


Bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, which is administered by a trustee, will unburden you of nearly all your debts.


It opens the space for you to make a fresh financial start.


However, filing personal bankruptcy should be considered when you have exhausted all other options.


We will explore, the other possible solutions for you before zeroing in on bankruptcy.


After you file bankruptcy, your trustee takes over your assets excluding some of the assets that law permits you to keep.


Your trustee sells them and turns them into cash value.


You have nonetheless, a nominal minimum sum to pay which together with the proceeds from the sales of your assets are given to your creditors.


You are protected from further payment to your creditors.


They cannot harass you as you can claim to have eliminated your debts.

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