MNP Winnipeg Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy in Canada can only be initiated by a federally Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT).


If you live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and are looking for a trusted LIT and debt consultancy service that can absolve debt from your life, then MNP – with over fifty years of experience in the field – can expertly guide you through the whole process of dealing with bankruptcy.



MNP Limited Winnipeg, MB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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At MNP in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we provide bankruptcy and debt relief solutions that don’t just remove the immediate effects of facing debt from your life, but also provide debt consultancy services that give you alternatives to declaring bankruptcy that are personalized to your unique financial situation.


Consult MNP’s financial experts in Winnipeg by booking a no-obligation first-time free appointment on dealing with bankruptcy today!


You can book your consultation with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee from MNP in Winnipeg by either calling us or by filling out the form available on our website.


Your first consultation will help both you as well as our assigned LIT expert understand your financial situation, as well as provide you with options when it comes to dealing with your current financial circumstances.


If our Licensed Insolvency Trustee finds that a consumer proposal would work better in addressing your financial concerns, then we can both make the suggestion and work on that alternative for you.


A consumer proposal is a federally recognised option that opens a door of communication with your creditor.


Through a consumer proposal, you may be granted additional time within which you have to pay off your debt, or have the amount you must pay back be significantly reduced to a sum you can commit to within your present financial situation.


MNP in Winnipeg, Manitoba, provides confidential and secure bankruptcy and debt consultation services for people as well as corporates where the focus is on removing debt permanently from you life.

MNP Winnipeg Bankruptcy
301 – 1661 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg MB R3J 3T7
Phone: 1-877-500-0795