Managing Money and Debt Wisely

Master the Art of Financial Management and Debt Handling

As we step into another significant year of promoting Financial Literacy, it brings joy to see numerous events across the globe dedicated to the cause. As an advocate of financial literacy, I am thrilled about the opportunity to connect with various individuals and groups who are making notable contributions to boost financial literacy worldwide.

A major part of this discussion revolves around personal finance. It’s no secret that the levels of indebtedness are on the rise globally. Debt can become a long-term burden, potentially harming your credit score. This can create hurdles when you’re applying for a credit card, job, or even renting an apartment. Debt can also lead to stress, which affects overall well-being. Nevertheless, achieving financial well-being is possible, and one of the first steps is managing money and debt wisely.

Top Three Tips for Financial Management and Debt Handling

Here are three key pointers that can help you improve your financial management skills:


Draft a budget: Having a written budget can simplify your financial management. It provides a clear picture of your earnings, expenditures, and the remaining amount for savings and debt repayment.

Avoid unnecessary purchases: Always differentiate between a “want” and a “need”. Impulse buying can lead to financial instability and should be avoided as much as possible. Consider sleeping over the decision to buy something that is not an immediate necessity.

Regularly assess your debt situation: Consider your position if the interest rate rises. If you’re struggling with debt management, seeking credit counselling could be a viable option.


For more information and resources on financial management and debt handling, consider visiting the Financial Consumer Agency of your country. You can find numerous resources such as:


  • A comprehensive database of financial literacy resources, events, tools, and information from various financial education providers from the public, private and non-profit sectors.
  • Life events focused on dealing with debt.
  • Topics on budgeting and money management.


Remember, managing your money is a skill that benefits you throughout your life. Small steps can lead to significant changes, and these changes can have a profound impact on your life. Join the conversation on financial literacy through various social media platforms and participate in the daily challenges.

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