Marriage And Debt Problems

How to Navigate Debt Problems in a Marriage

Are you gearing up for the journey down the aisle? That’s terrific news! But in the midst of your joyous preparations, it’s crucial to pay heed to an often overlooked aspect – Marriage And Debt Problems. It’s commendable that you are looking to address this situation before tying the knot.

Legally Yours

In the eyes of the law, your debt remains yours even after marriage. This means the creditor can take legal action against you, not your spouse. Post-marriage, you may start incurring what’s termed as ‘matrimonial’ debt – debt that arises after you are hitched.


“While your debts are “legally” yours, after you are married you will start to accumulate what is called “matrimonial” debt.”


Drawing the Line

If you’re currently struggling with creditor pressure, it could be beneficial to draw a boundary, or a “line in the sand”, before your wedding. Doing so is arguably more for your spouse’s benefit than yours.

Protecting Acquired Property

If you purchase any property after your marriage, and later file for bankruptcy, your stake in the property will be scrutinized during the bankruptcy proceedings. This doesn’t necessarily mean losing the property, but your Trustee will need to evaluate your interest in it to determine if you can keep it.

Seeking Expert Counsel

It’s highly recommended that you consult with a Trustee to help navigate your options before your big day. As you embark on this new chapter, it’s crucial to put your creditors behind you.

Marriage And Debt Problems: A Stressful Combo

Financial woes can add undue stress to your life, especially when you should be focusing on this happy phase. Whether or not you need to declare bankruptcy is yet to be seen. Therefore, meeting with a professional to ascertain your best course of action, or to discuss alternative solutions, can prove extremely helpful.

Happy Beginnings

Starting a new life together is a joyous occasion. However, it’s important to ensure that it’s not overshadowed by looming debts. With the right strategies, you can successfully navigate Marriage And Debt Problems and embark on a path of financial stability together.


  • Consult a Trustee;
  • Understand your legal obligations;
  • Protect your acquired property;
  • Seek professional help for debt management;
  • Prioritize a debt-free start to your married life.


“You’re starting a new life together, and to put these creditors behind you one way or the other… it’s likely not something you want to start off your new life with.”


In Conclusion

Marriage and debt don’t make for the best combination. But with the right approach and guidance, you can effectively tackle your Marriage And Debt Problems. Remember, it’s about starting a new life together – one that’s free from the stress of past debts.

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