Separate Needs from Wants

How To Separate Your Needs From Your Wants

If you are currently suffering from a high level of debt, one of the first things that you will need to do is take an honest look at your finances and your financial situation as a whole.

When people complete this step, they often discover that a lot of their money is being wasted on things that they don’t actually need.

Indeed, there are lots of things that we purchase out of an impulse or in a spending spree that was completely unplanned.

Some of us even spend because we are attempting to deal with a difficult emotional situation.

Others spend because they are in a good mood and it’s even possible to be addicted to spending.

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Many more will feel obligated to spend on either their friends or their families.

They might even feel as though it is a social requirement.

Spending like this may seem fun at first, but it can often cause excess levels of stress.

As such it could help both your finances and your mental health to figure out what you need and what you want.

How Do You Know If Something Is A Necessity?

There are certain things in life that are clearly a necessity.

For instance, you need food, water, and shelter.

But there are others that may not be so clear.

If you are struggling to figure out whether you want something or you need it, see how long you can live without it.

You might find that you are not as dependent on something as you first thought.

For instance, you probably can’t live without going on holiday every year of your life.

You might even be able to live without your car because you can rely on public transportation.

Your car is a big want that could be causing a massive drain on your finances.

If you can live without it, then you will usually find that it causes a dramatic level of financial relief.

Alternatively, it could just be a case of replacing your current car with something that is more economic.

There is always going to be a massive variety of choices in your life where you must determine whether something is a need or a want.

Dodge Impulse Buying

As mentioned, there are numerous reasons why you might buy on impulse.

So, how can you stop yourself from making this mistake?

First, you need to identify why you specifically impulse buy and whether that’s an emotional reason or a social justification.

You can then explore moods where you are more likely to buy and watch out for this behavior.

You should also avoid shopping at times when you are likely to be more impulsive such as when you are tired.

This is always going to lead to poor decisions.

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