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Tips and Tricks on How to Deal with Debt Collectors

Are you getting hounded day and night by debt collectors, even though you’re trying your hardest to pay back your creditors?

If so, you may be looking for any and every way to get the debt collectors to stop harassing you.

Below are several methods that can help you stop these anxiety-inducing tactics.

Read on for tips and tricks on how to deal with debt collectors.

Find out who is calling.

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While you may have started ignoring your ringing phone altogether, it’s ideal that you find out who is calling you.

Some creditors and lenders hire third-party outside debt collector agencies to collect debt on their behalf.

Other lenders have an in-house department.

Each time that a debt collector calls, inquire who they are as well as which company they work directly for.

In addition, try to find exact specifics so you can reference them later, such as the individual’s name, and their telephone number.

This way, you can begin working directly with one debt collector rather than multiple at the same agency.

Next, find out information on the debt, including the amount due and who is owed.

In some cases, they may be contacting you with incorrect information, so make sure that the debt owed really is yours and not a mistake.

Often times people with high amounts of debt will change their phone number frequently, so you may get calls for someone that used to have your phone number who a debt collector is trying to locate.

Another problem may be that you have paid this debt, and the debt collector is simply not up to date with that information.

If the information is incorrect, let them know either that the debt has been repaid, or that they have the incorrect individual.

If the debt is confirmed to be yours, and after you have received all the details about the debt owed, you may need to seek out a professional to help with your problems.

By filing a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, it is required that all debt collectors cease calling you within thirty days of filling, but each of these options should be last resorts.

You may be able to negotiate a lower debt owed with the debt collector directly if you can not pay the full amount owed.

This can be a great way to pay down your debt to stop the calls.

Debt collectors are often allowed to decrease the debt owed by a significant portion.

Keep in mind that a debt collector is simply doing their job when they are calling you, but that they do have to follow specific requirements when giving you a ring.

They are not allowed to do the following tactics:


  • Use threatening or abusive language.
  • Contact your friends or family to collect your debt.
  • Contact you after 9pm, or before 7am. They also cannot call on holidays.
  • Give misleading or wrong information.
  • Demand payment when you are not the debtor.


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