What Duties Will I Have During A Consumer Proposal?

Consumer Proposal Duties to Follow

Once you’ve decided to navigate the financial turbulence via a consumer proposal, there are certain obligations you must fulfill to ensure its successful completion. Even though your trustee will accompany you throughout the journey, having a clear understanding of your responsibilities can facilitate the process. Here are the key duties during a consumer proposal.

1. Fulfilling Payment Commitments

The first and foremost duty during a consumer proposal is to abide by the payment terms stated in your proposal. Generally, consumer proposals are set in monthly terms, say, $200 every month for 48 months. Yet, you have the flexibility to make these payments more frequently, be it weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly. But remember, these payment terms define the minimum amount you must pay each month. It’s crucial not to miss any payments as your proposal could be terminated if you miss 3 months of payments, regardless of the reasons. However, you always have the option to make extra payments and pay off the proposal at your convenience.

2. Attending Mandatory Credit Counselling Sessions

Another critical responsibility during a consumer proposal is attending 2 mandatory credit counselling sessions. The first session should be completed within 10 to 60 days post-filing the proposal. The second session should be completed within 210 days of filing. There should be a minimum gap of 30 days between the first and second sessions. It’s important to note that these sessions are usually in-person and must be completed within the stipulated timeframe. Failing to do so could lead to your proposal being canceled or delayed.

3. Participating in Creditors’ Meetings

Sometimes, you may be required to attend a meeting of creditors. While these meetings are occasionally conducted for administrative purposes and you might not need to be present, it’s safe to plan on attending unless your trustee informs you otherwise.

4. Keeping Your Trustee Informed

During a consumer proposal, it’s crucial to keep your trustee updated about any changes in your personal information. Whether you’ve moved to a new place, changed your phone number, or updated your email address, ensure that your trustee is informed. This way, they can reach out to you whenever necessary.

5. Co-operating with Your Trustee

Last but not least, always co-operate with your trustee. If they reach out to you via phone calls, emails, or letters, make sure you respond promptly. They contact you because they require some information. Negligence in this matter could lead your trustee to terminate the proposal.


Fulfilling your duties during a consumer proposal is essential for its successful completion. If you have any queries about your specific duties, don’t hesitate to contact your trustee. If you’re contemplating filing a consumer proposal and wish to understand the process better, feel free to reach out to a local bankruptcy expert for a free, no-obligation consultation to explore your options.

Remember, knowledge is power. The better informed you are about your duties during a consumer proposal, the smoother your journey will be.

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