What Happens If I Get Married After I Have Filed For Bankruptcy?

Navigating the financial implications of marriage after bankruptcy can be complex. This article explores how bankruptcy might impact your spouse’s financial situation, your joint debts, and your shared assets.

Impact on Spouse’s Credit Report

Contrary to common belief, your bankruptcy is not reflected on your spouse’s credit report. However, joint debts can significantly affect your spouse’s financial obligations.

Joint Debt Considerations

If you have joint debts like co-signed loans or shared credit cards, your bankruptcy does not absolve your spouse from these responsibilities. They remain liable for these debts post your bankruptcy.


“Your spouse remains responsible for any joint debts in the event of your bankruptcy.”


Trustee Interests in Spouse’s Assets

The Trustee in bankruptcy does not have a claim on your spouse’s individual assets. However, certain situations might call for an exception.

Traditional Social Gatherings

In locations like Manitoba, where it’s common for the community to host social events for marrying couples, the gifts received could be considered a “windfall.” The trustee may, in this case, claim an interest in half of such funds.


Windfall: Unexpected financial gain.

Trustee: Person responsible for managing bankruptcy proceedings.


Household Income Monitoring

Income Considerations

The Trustee is required to monitor the monthly income and expenditure of the bankrupt’s household. If you and your spouse live together, your spouse’s income is included in this calculation.

Surplus Income

The concept of “surplus” income in bankruptcy refers to income that exceeds what a family needs to maintain a reasonable standard of living. This surplus might be claimed by the Trustee.

Contacting a Trustee

It’s always advisable to consult a Trustee regarding your unique situation. They can provide the most accurate advice based on your individual circumstances.

Getting married after filing for bankruptcy can bring about several financial implications. Understanding these can help you navigate the process better and make informed decisions. Remember, each situation is unique, and it’s always best to consult a professional for advice.

What Happens If I Get Married After I Have Filed For Bankruptcy – Quick Overview

  • Your bankruptcy doesn’t appear on your spouse’s credit report.
  • Your spouse remains liable for any joint debts.
  • The Trustee doesn’t claim your spouse’s individual assets but may claim half of any wedding gifts received.
  • The Trustee monitors household income, which includes your spouse’s income.
  • It’s advisable to consult a Trustee for personalized advice.
  • Stay financially informed and plan for a stable future, regardless of past bankruptcy.

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