What is Credit Counselling? Options to Get Help with Debt, Credit Repair & Rebuilding

Understanding Credit Counselling: Key to Debt Assistance and Credit Rebuilding

Credit counselling often seems like an enigma until you or someone you know is drowning in debt. As a former banker, I’ve seen my share of loan applications – approved and declined. Knowing what credit counselling is and its potential benefits could have been a game-changer for those clients who were turned down by the bank.

Recognizing the Red Flags of Debt

Identifying the early warning signs that debt is spiralling out of control is crucial, yet many people delay seeking help. The reasons vary – embarrassment, hope for improvement, or the belief that they can navigate the situation alone. However, after two decades in personal finance, I know that the sooner you reach out, the more options you typically have.

Seeking Debt Relief at the First Signs of Stress

Credit counselling can help with your debt.

When you first start feeling stressed about your debts, that is the time to explore ways to attain debt relief. You might have assets to sell, savings for a lump sum debt settlement, or you might still qualify for a debt consolidation loan at a reasonable rate.

The Risks of Delaying Help

Delaying help with your debts until it worsens can leave you with fewer options; or worse, your creditors may start making decisions for you. When it reaches this point, life can become stressful. Your work, home-life, personal relationships, and health can all be impacted.

How a Financial Overview Can Aid in Credit Repair & Rebuilding

Imagine if you could obtain a comprehensive overview of your finances and address any debt issues before they become troublesome? A financial assessment can provide insights into your money management habits and help you plan for the future. It can also guide you in rebuilding your credit rating to ensure that you qualify for your next loan or mortgage without any hiccups.

Free Consultation with Credit Rebuilding Experts

We offer free, confidential appointments with our Credit Counsellors, who are experts in credit rebuilding. They will answer your questions and provide guidance without obligation. They can help you identify specific steps to improve your credit score, if that is one of your goals.

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions About Credit, Debt & Money Matters

If you have questions about your money, budget, credit, debt, or bills, we have answers and are always delighted to help. Contact us now by phone, 1-877-879-4770, email, or anonymous online chat. You don’t have to be living paycheck to paycheck to access our services. We have plenty of useful information for everyone, give us a call and find out for yourself what we can do for you!

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