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Bankruptcy Calgary Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Calgary Bankruptcy TrusteeMNP Limited, 587-333-7882,
Toll Free: 1-866-246-7277

1500, 640 – 5th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 3G4
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(Weekdays 7am – 9:00pm. Sat. & Sun. 9am – 3pm)
Bankruptcy Trustee Calgary Grant ThorntonGrant Thornton Limited, 587-333-6478
833 – 4 Avenue SW, Suite 900, Calgary, AB, T2P 3T5
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Bromwich Smith Bankruptcy CalgaryBromwich & Smith Trustees in Bankruptcy, Inc., 587-333-7891
Toll-Free: 1-888-240-9972

2111 36 Street NE, Calgary, AB, T1Y 5S3
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Bromwich Smith Bankruptcy CalgaryBromwich & Smith, Inc., 587-333-7892
Toll-Free: 1-888-240-9972

Calgary South (by appointment only) Fish Creek Executive Centre, Suite 205, Office 255, 259 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB, T2X 1M2
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Bromwich Smith Bankruptcy CalgaryBromwich & Smith, Inc., 587-333-7893
Toll-Free: 1-888-240-9972

Suite 810, 333 11th Ave. SW, Calgary, AB, T2R 1L9
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(Weekdays 7am – 9:00pm. Sat. & Sun. 9am – 3pm)
Bankruptcy Trustee Calgary Grant ThorntonGrant Thornton Limited, 587-333-6481
412 Sunridge Professional Building, 2675 36 Street N.E., Calgary, AB, T1Y 6H6
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(Weekdays 7am – 9:00pm. Sat. & Sun. 9am – 3pm)
Bankruptcy Trustee Calgary Grant ThorntonGrant Thornton Limited, 587-333-6480
Southcentre Executive Tower, Suite 450,
11012 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, AB, T2J 6A5
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(Weekdays 7am – 9:00pm. Sat. & Sun. 9am – 3pm)
Bankruptcy Trustee Calgary Grant ThorntonGrant Thornton Limited, 587-333-6479
12 Market Mall Professional Building, 4935 – 40 Avenue NW, Calgary, AB, T3A 2N1
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Learn more about Bankruptcy Calgary and how it can help you! Are you struggling with your finances?  Are you carrying a load of debt that you feel is uncontrollable? Our Bankruptcy Calgary trustees promise that they will work hard to help find the best solution for helping you get out of debt and get your finances on track so you can have a successful future with your finances always under your control. Have you been considering filing bankruptcy, making a consumer proposal, or another debt relief alternative to your creditors to deal with your debts?

Bankruptcy Calgary – Services provided by our Trustees:

If that is the case you should be aware of all of the professional services that are available. Bankruptcy Canada has many professional bankruptcy Calgary trustees that are available to offer free and confidential bankruptcy consultations to discuss all the debt relief options that are available to you. Once the trustee fully understands your unique financial challenges they can present you with the best course to handling your debt. In some cases you can avoid bankruptcy, but in other cases there might be no alternative other than bankruptcy. In that case the trustee can explain the bankruptcy process to you. The bankruptcy law was written to allow people facing money challenges to have a chance for a fresh start. You can even keep your assets in the vast majority of cases. Bankruptcy was designed to give a fresh start and your debts can be wiped out in as little as 9 months. In rare cases a bankruptcy may last 21 months, but only in rare cases such as you have had a previous bankruptcy or you have excess income.

Bankruptcy Calgary – How you are protected when dealing with our Trustees:

The Calgary trustees are all members of the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP) and therefore subject to the highest ethical standards to follow.   Trustees are regulated by the government so it will cost the same no matter which trustee you use.   As soon as a bankruptcy or consumer proposal is filed a Stay of Proceedings goes into effect, which prevents your unsecured creditors from taking any collection action.   Collections calls stop.  Interest stops accruing and wage garnishees in place or contemplated are stopped.
Bankruptcy Calgary
Our team strives to provide exceptional, friendly and approachable service to any person struggling with the stresses and challenges of debt. If you live in the Calgary area you can contact one of our offices for assistance. Our skilled trustees have the expertise to guide you through a challenging financial situation. They are understanding, caring and friendly debt relief professionals.

You can meet with the trustee in one of our offices or you can discuss your debts in an initial consultation on the phone. Our expertise can guide you through your debt issues. Whether you go bankrupt, make a proposal, or can avoid bankruptcy with the help of the trustee, they will work closely with you to provide an affordable solution to your financial issues.

Bankruptcy Calgary Trustees

Are you considering filing bankruptcy in Calgary, or any of the surrounding areas? If so, our team of professional Bankruptcy Calgary experts can help you understand the options available to you. After understanding the possible alternatives to bankruptcy in Calgary, you can make a more informed decision about getting out of debt. We can help you overcome your financial challenges, whether they were caused by divorce, a separation, illness or injury that kept you from work, job loss, poor budgeting or any other reasons. We have helped many individuals just like yourself get out of debt and find a secure financial future.

We have many years of experience with the Calgary bankruptcy law and have helped individuals overcome credit card debt, income tax debt, student loan debt and many other money problems.

Once you arrange a confidential evaluation with a local Calgary bankruptcy expert, we will help you explore the options available to help you get out of debt. We will give you the professional and honest advice you need.

We provide skilled services for bankruptcy and consumer proposals for all Calgary residents trapped in debt.

Bankruptcy Calgary

Before you can make a decision about filing Calgary bankruptcy, or any other debt help option, you need a professional review of your options. Each bankruptcy or consumer proposal case is different. Some other debt relief options may be available to you. You do not need to go through the process alone. Only a government licensed insolvency trustee (formerly a bankruptcy trustee) can help you explore all available options with you.

Only a trustee is able to file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal; only a licensed trustee can provide the full range of debt relief support options.

At the Bankruptcy Calgary team of Bankruptcy Canada we offer a free initial consultation to individuals and business owners. We will take the time to fully understand your situation and the causes for your money trouble. We will also provide you with answers to all of your questions. Our professional advice can help you choose the right solution for your personal needs.

Our Calgary bankruptcy team will take the stress out of the Calgary bankruptcy process.

Our team takes pride in providing friendly, professional and personal service. If you are looking for professional help in solving your money problems, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Bankruptcy Calgary Assistance

Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy choice, but if after reviewing your options with our team of dedicated professionals, you can be assured that bankruptcy is the right choice for your debt solution.

We will ensure you have a complete understanding your options and the pros and cons of each available option. We are happy to provide a free evaluation at your earliest convenience so you can move on with your life as soon as possible.

We provide:

  • Free + Confidential Evaluations;
  • Evenings and Weekend Hours Available;
  • Help Through Every Step of the Process, Whether You File Bankruptcy or a Proposal;

As your licensed insolvency trustee, we will help you make a confident and informed decision. From your initial consultation to your final discharge from bankruptcy or when you receive your Certificate of Discharge from a consumer proposal, we will be at your side through every step of the process.

Bankruptcy Calgary Alternatives

There are many alternatives to bankruptcy that could fit your situation and it is important that you have all the facts before making a decision.

There is no obligation to meet with our Calgary bankruptcy trustees. With our years of experience, we will help develop a personalized debt solution.

When you are facing debt, interest charges, overdraft fees and other money problems it is easy to feel stressed and without any options for getting out of debt.

You are not alone and our team will help you come up with a plan of action to get out of debt.

While there are bankruptcy alternatives that could work for you, sometimes filing bankruptcy in Calgary is the right solution for you. Our years of experience helping solve debt problems can work for you!

Each person has a unique financial circumstance and you need a unique debt solution.

If your debt is overwhelming your life, please come see our Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Calgary.

Our team of licensed bankruptcy experts are qualified to solve debt problems.

Bankruptcy Calgary Steps

The steps to filing bankruptcy in Calgary are briefly:

Select a Trustee and schedule a confidential evaluation;

If you decide to go ahead with filing bankruptcy, the trustee will prepare the paperwork necessary to file bankruptcy and submit the signed forms with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB);

Once the paperwork is filed with the OSB you are officially bankrupt and you won’t make payments on your unsecured debts or be contacted by your creditors;

At the second month of your bankruptcy you will be required to attend a financial counselling meeting with your trustee;

Each month of your bankruptcy you will be required to report your income and expenses to your Trustee and make the necessary payment (usually $200 a month);

You will be required to attend a second financial counselling session near the end of your bankruptcy;

If you complete all your duties you will receive an automatic discharge from your bankruptcy in 9 months.

After your discharge your included unsecured debts will be eliminated.

Bankruptcy Calgary,   Why Should I Use a Licensed Trustee?

All Trustees are the most educated and well trained debt relief professionals. Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (previously known as a “bankruptcy trustee”) is regulated and federally licensed. This means that only a Trustee can provide all debt relief solutions such as bankruptcy and making a consumer proposal.

Only a Trustee can make a legally binding agreement with your creditors to pay less than you owe.

If you are a Calgary resident and are worried about your finances, overdue bills, wage garnishments and collection calls, you should probably seek help with your debt problem sooner rather than later. We are friendly, caring and knowledgeable.

Almost everyone who comes to see us says their only regret is not coming to see us earlier. Filing bankruptcy or making a proposal to your creditors can help you end the debt stress, get a fresh financial start and save for the future.