Why Choose Bankruptcy Canada as Your Debt Relief Experts

Why Choose Bankruptcy Canada as Your Debt Relief Experts

Why Choose Bankruptcy Canada as Your Debt Relief Experts

We have a long history of helping people in Canada with money problems get out of debt and get their fresh financial start.

We have been online since 1999 and have offices across Canada in large and small communities so we are ready to help you where you need us.

We are a leading choice for thousands of people each year who need help for dealing with their debt and money problems for many different reasons.

The first step in helping you solve your money problems is to set up a confidential evaluation where we can listen to your story of your debt problems and financial concerns that lead you to becoming trapped in debt so we can help you plan the most effective method of getting out of debt.

Offices Across Canada

We have more than 400 trustee offices with creative and friendly professionals who can help you solve even the most serious, and seemingly hopeless, debt problems.

We provide caring, knowledgeable and non-judgemental assistance throughout the entire debt relief process and can provide you with resources for staying out of debt in the future and rebuilding your credit.

If you decide to go bankrupt or make a proposal your trustee will provide you with two debt counselling sessions that gives you the tools and resources needed to manage your finances successfully in the future and can help you with rebuilding your credit, budgeting support, and applying for a secured credit card.

We work carefully with you to ensure your rights are protected, although we are intermediaries, which means we work to find win-win solutions that are beneficial for you and your creditors.

All Bankruptcy Canada trustees are licensed by the government, members of the CAIRP (Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals), and must follow a very strict code of ethics.

To learn all about your rights and how to get out of debt we encourage you to contact your local Bankruptcy Canada office.