Bankruptcy Yukon – Licensed Insolvency Trustees


Use this Bankruptcy Form to provide your financial information to the trustee.   This form can be filled out on your computer and emailed to the trustee.

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The cost of a Yukon bankruptcy is set by the Government.  Our trustee has payment plans available.

Bankruptcy Yukon: – Licensed Insolvency Trustees

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Leah Drewcock, Bankruptcy YukonPlease Call Leah Drewcock at 1-855-200-3006 to schedule a confidential evaluation. Leah is none judgemental, approachable and Licensed by the Government

Why You Should Contact a Bankruptcy Trustee  When You Need Help With Your Debt:

Bankruptcy Yukon: Rebuild Your Credit Score: You can rebuild your credit score faster by making a proposal to your creditors or by filing bankruptcy than if you use a credit counsellor. When you make your payments under a bankruptcy or proposal repayment plan the credit bureau will record this fact and it will reflect on your credit score.

Bankruptcy Yukon Can Provide You With Protection From Your Creditors: A trustee in bankruptcy is the only debt relief professional under Canadian law that can provide you with guaranteed protection from your creditors.

Bankruptcy Yukon Ethics: Bankruptcy trustees have a strict code of ethics that they must follow and bankruptcy trustees are regulated by the government. A trustee will always give you their best advice.

Bankruptcy Yukon Cost: Bankruptcy is likely much more affordable for you than another form of debt relief or credit counselling.   Trustee fees are regulated by the government so it will cost the same regardless of which trustee you use.