Most Recent 'Filing Bankruptcy in Canada' Posts

Many people take pride in providing a good life for their family and children and are wondering if filing bankruptcy or making a consumer proposal will affect their children. People spend their whole lives working to provide a secure home, food to eat, and warm clothing to wear. However, many Canadians are also dealing with […]

What Do I Need to Know About The Creditors’ Meeting in a Bankruptcy? If your assets in a bankruptcy are less than $15,000, your bankruptcy is considered a “summary administration,” and a bankruptcy creditors’ meeting is not automatically required. Almost all bankruptcies in Canada are a summary administration and therefore most bankrupts won’t be required […]

The short answer is no, it is not difficult to file bankruptcy in Canada. While it is not difficult to claim bankruptcy, you should be aware of some things before you consider going bankrupt as a way to manage your debt. Bankruptcy is a legal way for honest but unfortunate debtors to relieve themselves from […]

What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy’s Surplus Income Requirement Surplus income is a requirment in bankruptcy that certain individuals are required to make. The government has given this name of surplus income to the monthly bankruptcy payment calculations that trustees must make when someone files personal bankruptcy. Using a specific set of rules, your […]

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