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Money worries are a major source of stress. In Canada, 48% of people say that they have lost sleep due to worrying about money. In addition, 44% say that it would be hard for them to meet their financial obligations if their pay is late. Debt, in particular, can cause a lot of stress, especially […]

If you no longer live in Canada, you might still have debts in the country. You’re living and perhaps working elsewhere, but you still have a responsibility to pay the debts that you accumulated while living in Canada. Whether or not you are planning to return to Canada, you will likely want to resolve your […]

Does age make a difference when it comes to debt? It turns out that seniors are particularly prone to experiencing insolvency and bankruptcy. In 2016, the number of senior Canadian families with debt was 42%, a large increase from 27% in 1999. The median amount of debt per household in 2016 was $25,000, compared to […]

Just like with any other topic, there are many myths about debt and debt solutions. It’s not always easy to know what’s true and what’s false, and you can end up getting confused or even falling for some untruths. It’s important to know facts from fiction if you are thinking about borrowing money or you […]