Business Tax Debt

June 15th, the tax deadline for sole proprietors and businesses, can be a difficult day. For some businesses, it just means the inconvenience of filling out more forms, but for others, it may mean an increase in business tax debt that you cannot afford to pay. If you are unable to pay the tax that… Continue reading Business Tax Debt

Keeping Your Small Business Afloat While Dealing with Debt

How to Keep a Small Business Afloat While in Debt Businesses of all sizes can be faced with debt at different times, and small businesses are no exception. In times of economic trouble, it’s the small businesses that are usually hit the hardest. With fewer investors and more difficulty raising capital, it’s easy to see… Continue reading Keeping Your Small Business Afloat While Dealing with Debt

Small Business Bankruptcy

Filing Bankruptcy For Small Business Debt Do you own a small business in Canada? If so, you may be experiencing some troubling times. Perhaps you took out some loans to finance your business, but you’re unable to pay them back. You’ve sat down with an accountant and figured out that you’re heavily in debt. You… Continue reading Small Business Bankruptcy