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There are lots of things that are scary in this world, but Licensed Insolvency Trustees aren’t the people you need to be fearing. Especially if you are currently overwhelmed with debt, there are other people that might appear more threatening. You might be afraid of the mailman as he approaches your mailbox with what looks […]

What is a licensed insolvency trustee? A licensed insolvency trustee, also known as a LIT, is a professional who specialises in providing advice and working with individuals or companies that are struggling to pay off debts. Licensed insolvency trustees are federally-regulated, and they help people to explore options and make well-informed decisions to get out […]

If you are dealing with impossible levels of debt, you might think that bankruptcy is the only way forward. However, it’s important to be aware that you can also consider a consumer proposal. To decide which choice is right for you and get started with this process you will need to contact a Licensed Insolvency […]

Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Canada A licensed insolvency trustee (LIT) is a federally-regulated professional who specialises in helping people who are struggling with severe debt. Trustees assume responsibility for overseeing processes, including filing a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. If you are in debt, and your trustee advises you to consider these options, they are authorised […]

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