Reduce Your Financial Stress & Experience Debt Relief

Money Stress

“Financial stress can be debilitating, but there are ways to reduce it and experience debt relief.”

Financial stress is a reality for many people. It can stem from a variety of causes, some of which are out of our control. However, there are several strategies available for managing this type of stress and finding relief from debt. This article will explore the common causes of financial stress, the options available for debt relief, and how these strategies can impact your credit rating.

Common Causes of Financial Stress

Below are some of the most common causes of financial stress:


  • Relationship or marriage difficulties;
  • Addictive behaviors;
  • Job loss;
  • Health problems;
  • Mismanagement of finances;
  • Business failures and associated liabilities;
  • Tax-related issues;
  • Student loan debt.


Understanding the root cause of your financial stress is the first step towards finding a solution.

Options for Debt Relief

The best way to reduce your financial stress & experience debt relief depends on your specific situation. Here are some potential options:

Debt Refinancing

You may be able to consolidate your debt through a loan or line of credit.

Home Remortgaging

If you own your home, you may be able to leverage your equity to consolidate your debts.

Second Mortgage or Home Equity Loan

Another option for homeowners is to take out a second mortgage or a home equity loan.

Borrowing from Family

If you have a supportive family, you may be able to secure a loan from them.


Creating a budget can help you reduce expenses and allocate more money towards debt repayment.

Informal Proposals

You may be able to negotiate a debt repayment schedule or lower interest rate with your creditors. However, this can negatively impact your credit rating.

Student Loans

If your debt is primarily from student loans, you may be able to request interest relief.

Credit Counseling

A credit counselor can help you devise a debt management plan. Note that this may not cover all types of debt and can also negatively impact your credit rating.

Consumer Proposal

A consumer proposal is a formal agreement to repay your creditors over a period of time. This can negatively affect your credit rating.

Personal Bankruptcy

As a last resort, personal bankruptcy can eliminate your unsecured debts. However, this will severely affect your credit rating.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to financial stress and debt. The best strategy for you depends on your specific circumstances and needs. The professionals at Bankruptcy Canada are available to provide free advice and guidance.


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Remember, it’s never too late to reduce your financial stress & experience debt relief.

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