How Can I Stop Collection Calls?

How to Stop Collection Calls Canada

How Can I Stop Collection Calls?

The first thing to do if you are falling behind on payments and are worried about collection calls or you are already receiving collection calls is to learn more about your rights and what a collection agent can and cannot do. There are options to stop the collection calls. You can pay the debt of course, but you can also work with a debt relief professional. In some cases a simple debt management plan might be viable, although bankruptcy and a consumer proposal offer powerful protections from creditor harassment. You can also deal with your unsecured debts such as credit cards and payday loan debts.

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Step 1 in Stopping Collection Calls: Learn Your Rights

When you start to miss payments to your creditors then you will start to receive collection calls from your creditors or a collection agency whom they have hired or sold the debt to; when the debt falls far enough into arrears on the payments the debt will be sold to the collection agency or the creditor may even try to file a lawsuit against you. Provincial laws require debt collectors only contact you during curtain hours. If you owe money, a debt collection agency might be contacting you and if they are, you are probably wondering if you can get them to stop.

What Can a Collection Agent Do?

How to Stop Collection CallsWhile a collection agent is allowed to use reasonable methods in attempting to get you to repay the debt when contacting you there are certain things that they are not allowed to do. If you are facing collection calls you should learn what a collection agent can and cannot do because they are not required to explain your rights.

Certain things a collection agent cannot do include:

• Making abusive phone calls where they use profanity or other verbal abuse or lose their temper; • Making threats unrelated to the collection of the debt; • They cannot call enough times that the calls would add up to harassment; • Speak with your employer if you have not given permission (they ARE allowed to make a single call in order to confirm your employment); • Calling at times that are not allowed; To learn how you can stop collection calls please call our team of friendly and government licensed debt professionals at 1-877-879-4770 or fill out or confidential evaluation form.

Step 2 To Stop Collection Calls: Take Action To Resolve Your Debts

The only sure-fire way of stopping collection calls is to deal with your debts.

Pay The Money You Owe If Possible

Even if you cannot pay the full amount of the debt that you owe at once, you should make an effort to repay the debt by working out a payment plan or some form of agreement with your creditors, or the collection agency who now holds your outstanding debt. We suggest that you make an offer in writing along with a good-faith payment to the collection agency / your creditors. Any agreements that you come to should be put into writing. When you pay the money you owe it is important that you always get a receipt for your payments; in other words, you should never pay in cash when making a payment to the collection agency. All collection agencies must follow certain collection practices when dealing with debtors that are behind in their payments.

What If I Am Unable to Pay The Amount Owed or Work Out an Alternative Payment Agreement?

If you are unable to repay the debts that you owe you can contact our Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LIT)s to schedule a free, no obligation evaluation to discuss your financial situation to see if a consumer proposal or bankruptcy can help you deal with your debts.  

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