Collection Agencies in Canada

Collection Agencies – Information and Advice

If you owe money to a creditor and have stopped making your payments then Collection Agencies might start calling you to recover the money owed.

Tips for Dealing With a Collection Agency:

• If possible, your best course of action would be paying the amount you owe;
Contact the collection agency and explain your situation and make a fair offer to repay the debt if you are unable to pay the complete amount you owe in full;
• Make sure to get any agreements made with the collection agency in writing;
• Get receipts for all payments to the collection agency as proof of your payment (never send cash);
• You will receive written notification when your debt has been sold to a collection agency.

What if I’ve Been Treated Unfairly by a Collection Agency?

There are rules and regulations as to what a collection agency can do and you have certain rights in regarding as to how debt can be collected from you.

For example, a collection agency representative will not be allowed to contact you and use abusive language or contact you to early in the morning.

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There are specific rules regarding what a collection agency can or cannot do by province.

Various Debt Collection Rules by Province:


What Creditors Can Do If You Can’t Pay

Bill Collection and Debt Repayment

British Columbia

Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act


Collection Practices

The Consumer Protection Act

New Brunswick

Collection Agencies Act

Newfoundland and Labrador

Collection Agencies — Frequently Asked Questions

Northwest Territories

Consumer Protection Act

Nova Scotia

Collection Agencies Act


Consumer Protection Act


Collection Agencies

Prince Edward Island

Rights and Responsibilities of Consumers


Les comptes en souffrances (French Only)


Problems with a collection agency

Yukon Consumer Protection Act

Consumers Protection Act

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