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Saving an emergency fund will enable you to handle expected expenses such as a job loss that might lead to financial ruin. Saving an emergency fund by following these tips: 1. Set a specific goal such as to save enough to cover 4 to 7 months’ worth of expenses. You don’t have to replace your […]

It happens that people at times get behind in paying their debts. This is often just temporary. For example, a person can lose a job but then in about a month get a new job at the same or better salary. Creditors are quick to follow up when debts are not paid on time. They […]

In this article we consider the various remedies that a creditor has to recover monies owed or to collect on its debt to answer the question “How Do Creditors Collect Debt?” The action a creditor can take to recover the monies owed to him or her for goods or services supplied or for the default […]

Consumers With Debt Can Often Take Advantage of Limitation Periods Need Help Reviewing Your Financial Situation? Contact a Licensed Trustee for a Free Debt Relief Evaluation Call 877-879-4770 or Schedule Your Free Consultation In many, but not all, instances consumers who are struggling with debt problems can improve their situation by taking advantage of limitation […]