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The Toll Bankruptcy Takes on People Mentally, Physically and Emotionally

The toll bankruptcy takes on people mentally, physically and emotionally People often ignore difficult problems. Debt is not a problem that can be ignored. Debt doesn't just take a toll on your finances. It can lead to illness; marital problems, work-related problems, and other

Records and Documents Required to File Bankruptcy

All the records and documents required to file bankruptcy are listed on the information form trustees require you to fill out before coming in for you initial consultation. The trustee will also require you to swear an oath that everything stated on the information form

The Latest Canadian Insolvency Statistics – We meet them everyday

Bankruptcy - Canadian Insolvency Statistics Canada’s bankruptcy rate has risen over the last five years as set out below: Bankruptcies and Proposals: 2012-2016 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Cons. Bank. 71,495 69,224 64,839 63,406 63,372  Bus. Bank. 3,236 3,187 3,116 3,089 2,884 Proposals 48,020 50,548

Planning and budgeting for the holiday

How Do Holiday Expenses Play Into Debt Management? Holidays and Christmas is a popular time of year. As friends and families gather to celebrate together there are many expenses during this time. Is it possible to celebrate Christmas and holidays with your family and stay out

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