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Getting a Mortgage When in Debt Owning a home is a dream that many people can relate to. Being able to move away from renting and dealing with landlords is liberating, but there are a couple of challenges to overcome before you can safely get a mortgage. One of those is dealing with your debts. […]

How Can I Keep My House if I Can’t Pay My Mortgage? A mortgage is the largest and most expensive loan that most people will get during their lifetime. This loan covers the cost of a home, enabling you to escape the pressure of paying rent, while also building a legacy for your kids and […]

Getting a Mortgage Loan After Bankruptcy Many people dream of buying their own home but the need for a large deposit and the difficulty in obtaining a mortgage continue to prevent people from doing so. In addition to this, a history of bad credit or unmanaged debt can make it harder to secure the funding […]

Mortgage Debt Where have some of your most meaningful memories been made? The likely answer is your home. While we often think of houses in terms of financial assets, a home serves a multitude of purposes, from being the refuge after a long hard week to the literal shelter for your family, to being a […]

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