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Managing Debt in Canada Owing money is stressful, which is why finding the right repayment strategy to escape debt in the fastest time. A Debt Management Plan, otherwise known as a DMP, could be the perfect solution. Bankruptcy Canada can support you through the process, but you must first try to familiarize yourself with the […]

How to Stop Aggressive Debt Collection Tactics It is important that you realize there are very strict rules about what debt collectors are allowed to do. Some people find that debt collectors go out of their bounds, and can even become aggressive towards the people they are collecting from. If you have ever had a […]

During a marriage, many people share the use of their credit cards. This can lead to confusion over who is accountable for missed payments once the marriage ends. Particularly, if your ex-partner already agreed to pay off the debt already accumulated. So, who is responsible? Are You Responsible For Debt After Divorce? It’s extremely important […]

If you’re faced with significant financial difficulties and have spent any amount of time researching debt relief options, Debt Management Programs (DMPs) will have surfaced as one of the best alternatives to filing for bankruptcy. Before entering any DMP scheme, however, it’s crucial to analyze whether it’s right for you. The financial implications should naturally […]