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The key to understanding debt problems is to understand your debt. Most Canadian adults have debts, but there are different levels of debt. While some people can manage their debts without any problems, others find themselves in a very tricky financial situation. If you’re worried about your finances, it’s important to recognise the risks of […]

What is financial abuse? When you hear the word abuse, it’s natural to think about verbal bullying or physical violence. The truth is that there are other forms of abuse, and some are much more prevalent than you may realise. Financial abuse can manifest in many ways, and it can involve partners, relatives, friends or […]

The debt situation in Canada can easily feel dire and scary when you’re looking at the numbers. Roughly two in five Canadians who are in debt feel as though they will never escape it. Additionally, the average amount of debt in the country is over $72,000 per person. Debt was already on the rise in […]

Medical Debt

July 9, 2020 by Questions

Nothing in this life is more important than your health. Unfortunately, medical treatments often result in serious financial repercussions for the patient. Therefore, if you’re about to undergo surgery or a rehab process, you must be prepared to deal with medical debt. Whether it’s pre-treatment planning or post-treatment financial management, BankruptcyCanada can help put your […]

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