Most Recent 'Debt Problems' Posts

Debts can quickly start to pile up. One credit card can easily turn into two or even three, and before you know it, instead of worrying about paying your debts off, you’re just trying to cover the minimum monthly payments and keep your head above the water. Missing a payment once in a while isn’t […]

It’s just about impossible to live in the modern world without a cell phone. These devices are beginning to replace computers in many households, providing you with everything you need to keep yourself informed, be social, and entertain yourself. Of course, though, Canadians have to pay a premium to access all of the features they […]

Having a lot of debt and finding it difficult to repay is something that many people can feel ashamed of. You can feel embarrassed and guilty that you’re unable to repay your debts and even that you have the debt in the first place. In fact, some people even hide their debt from their spouses, […]

As most Canadians have some form of debt, a significant number of people will be subject to debt collection services at some point. Whether you accidentally forget to make a payment or you’re struggling to make ends meet, it’s easy to get caught up in a debt spiral. Although dealing with collections agents can seem […]

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