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How to Get Debt Help for Seniors According to a Statistics Canada report, 34% of retired Canadians over the age of 55 are still trapped in debt. 17% of those seniors have debts of over $100,000. A report from Equifax in 2017 found that seniors are increasing their debts more than any other demographic in […]

Did you know that the average Canadian household owes $1.78 for every dollar earned? Debts are rising in Canada, and more and more people are looking for solutions. There are several options when it comes to debt repayment, and reaching out and seeking help early can help to prevent debts from spiralling and save you […]

If you’ve done any browsing on our website already, you may have seen us mention the rate of debt in Canada. But, it’s worth mentioning again that the average Canadian is over $72,000 in debt. Now, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased unemployment rate, that number is likely to increase. More people are likely […]

No one intends to have debt take over their life, but there can reach a point where you have too much debt. It becomes difficult to manage your payments, especially when you have other expenses to take care of. Having a lot of debt can cause you a lot of stress and make you feel […]

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