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If you no longer live in Canada, you might still have debts in the country. You’re living and perhaps working elsewhere, but you still have a responsibility to pay the debts that you accumulated while living in Canada. Whether or not you are planning to return to Canada, you will likely want to resolve your […]

Filing for bankruptcy is usually a last resort when you are struggling with debt. Although bankruptcy can give you a clean financial slate, it’s necessary to consider what other options are available before deciding to take the step to file bankruptcy. If you want to avoid bankruptcy, there are things that you can do to […]

“I’ll never get out of debt.” Have you ever thought or said those words before? If so, you’re definitely not the first person. There’s no denying that many individuals and families are struggling financially right now, more than ever. If you are one of the many Canadians that feel like they just can’t get out […]

Most people have a clear idea of what they’d like their retirement to look like when the time comes. From spending more time with your family to travelling around the world; retirement should be a chance for you to enjoy yourself any way you choose. Unfortunately, unresolved financial issues can have a serious impact on […]

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