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Can I Retain My Property if I Declare Bankruptcy in BC or the Yukon Territory? The process of declaring bankruptcy can be daunting, particularly when it comes to the fear of losing one’s most cherished asset – the home. However, depending on the province or territory in which you reside, you may be able to […]

Filing Bankruptcy & Keeping My Truck ‍Filing for bankruptcy is a significant financial decision with far-reaching implications. One of the concerns that often arises is the fate of vital assets such as a truck. If you’re asking, “Can I Keep My Truck if I File for Bankruptcy?”, this extensive guide aims to provide clarity. Understanding […]

When you file for bankruptcy, you must sell some of your assets to cover a portion of the debt that is owed. However, not all of your assets are eligible to be seized and some of them are considered exempt, so you will be allowed to keep them. But many people are unsure about the […]

Most Bankrupts Are Able to Keep All of Their Belongings Perhaps one of the most frequent inquiries relating to bankruptcy, it is important to get a thorough understanding of how bankruptcy actually works, and what you can keep when filing. In a state of bankruptcy, your assets become the legal property of your representing Licensed […]

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