What Can They Take During Bankruptcies?

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Will I Lose My Car If I File Bankruptcy In Ontario?

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Will I Lose My Car If I File Bankruptcy In Alberta?

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Can I Keep My Truck if I File for Bankruptcy?

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What Can I Keep When Filing Bankruptcy?

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Alberta Bankruptcy Exemptions – What Can I Keep?

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How to Claim Bankruptcy and Keep Your Car

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How To Preserve An RESP In A Bankruptcy

When you file for bankruptcy, you have to hand over your assets and in return, your outstanding debts will be eliminated. However, there are certain exemptions to protect you, so you don’t lose everything. For example, your home and your furniture cannot be reclaimed, and neither can personal items such as clothing. If you own … Read more

Do I Lose My RDSP If I File Bankruptcy in Canada?

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Expecting A Windfall While Bankrupt

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Allowable Bankruptcy Exemptions in Ontario

What Exemptions are Allowed in an Ontario Bankruptcy? Different Canadian jurisdictions offer different exemptions to bankruptcy. In the province of Ontario, there are some which are not exempt which, unfortunately, includes your home equity. The good news, however, is that provided your situation meets the necessary criteria, there are some items in your possession which … Read more

Bankruptcy Exemptions in Canada

What are the Bankruptcy Exemptions? If you are looking to declare bankruptcy, then it is important to be well-informed about the different aspects of the process including bankruptcy exemptions in Canada. Bankruptcy is an option you could consider if you have unmanageable debt. It could be suggested by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) as part … Read more

Bankruptcy Costs and Fees in Canada

What are the Costs and Fees of Going Bankrupt? If you are considering voluntary bankruptcy, it’s important to know the costs and fees involved. When it comes to cost, there are three major components to consider: Monthly contributions required to cover the cost of administration; Surplus income payments; Assets you get to keep, or lose, … Read more