MNP Limited Guelph, Ontario Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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Our Guelph, Ontario Licensed Insolvency Trustee is privileged to serve its local clients and all Canadians experiencing financial problems throughout the Guelph area.


We offer all insolvency and debt-related services.


You can contact our trustee today for a free debt evaluation.



MNP Limited Guelph, Ontario Licensed Insolvency Trustee

490 York Road
Suite A110,
Guelph, ON N1E 6V1
Phone: 519-800-2420


The Responsibilities of a Guelph Licensed Insolvency Trustee


As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, we are here to help you.


The Federal Government of Canada has entrusted Licensed Insolvency Trustees to file a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.


They are the only class of professionals that do this job.


We will take the time to understand your case and protect your rights.


Your creditors may also have their rights, but for us, it is important that your rights are not abused.


How We Help You


We have assisted hundreds of thousands of Canadians with debt solutions.


Our trustee administers bankruptcy or consumer proposals.


We conduct counseling to educate our clients on different aspects of debt management including ways to save money, smart money management strategies, and responsible use of credit.


The purpose here is to empower you and enable you to make sound financial decisions.


We focus our attention on solving your immediate problem as early as possible.


No matter how tough or complicated your problem is, our laser-precise application of the laws and tools will eliminate or reduce your debts to bring them within the manageable limits.


In case you file personal bankruptcy or consumer proposal, we administer the process.


We explain to you each step of the process and keep you informed throughout the process.


We help you repair and build an attractive credit even under the worst circumstances of indebtedness.


Our Client Relationship


We focus on building a long term strong relationship with our clients.


The relationship is built on mutual trust and understanding.


We nurture this relationship with loyalty, confidence, transparency and multiple interactions.


We treat our clients with respect and dignity.


Our trustees comply strictly with our professional code of conduct and best business practices.


We invest in our clients because their success is our success.


Our Business Goal


We are aware that we work in a client-centric industry.


Our goal is the greatest satisfaction of the greatest number of clients.


The clients are satisfied when their financial burden and debt problems are solved.


So our focus is to handle each case successfully that comes to us with.


Our business with a client doesn’t come to end with the solution of their problems.


We continue our relationship with them when they move on to a fresh start.


We continue to keep in touch with them and guide them whenever they need our support.