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If you are not capable of paying back what you owe to your creditors and are worried about your financial future, then declaring bankruptcy could protect you and your finances.


All cases related to debt and bankruptcy are regulated by the ‘Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act’ in Canada.


This Act protects both the rights of the debtor as well as the creditor, and is designed to enable both parties to find workable solutions to debt liquidation.



MNP Limited Hamilton, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

350 Kenilworth Avenue North
Suite 206,
Hamilton, ON L8H 4T3
Phone: 289-799-3444


The Superintendent of Bankruptcy in Canada has only authorized Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LIT) with the power to initiate bankruptcy proceedings and deal with cases related to bankruptcy and debt within Canada.


If you are looking for a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Hamilton, Ontario, then MNP Limited’s expert LIT’s will be able to compassionately and expertly guide you through the whole process.


With over fifty years of experience in dealing with bankruptcy law across Canada, MNP Limited’s Licensed Insolvency Trustees have successfully helped thousands of people eliminate debt from their lives.


How can MNP Limited’s Licensed Insolvency Trustees assist you with filing for bankruptcy in Hamilton, Ontario?


Our team of experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Hamilton, Ontario, are both trained in local bankruptcy law, and have the necessary experience in helping you permanently remove debt from your life.


When you declare bankruptcy in Hamilton, it initiates a stay of proceedings which work in your favour by:


  • Protecting you from wage garnishments.
  • Preventing harassing creditor calls as well as preventing them from taking legal action against you for non-payment of dues.
  • Protects certain assets from being seized.


Aside from these, our team in Hamilton, Ontario, also provide additional debt consultancy services such as:


  • Debt and credit counselling.
  • Debt settlement and debt consultation.
  • Finding alternate solutions to declaring bankruptcy, such as consumer proposals.
  • Debt management consultations that help you control and mitigate your finances in order to avoid facing recurring debt in your life.


The fees charged by our LIT’s are also federally regulated.


While there are debt consultancy agencies that only offer debt counselling and guidance, their fees are usually not federally regulated.


This means that the consultancy charges the Licensed Insolvency Trustees at MNP Limited in Hamilton, Ontario, will be less when compared to non-regulated debt consultancy services.


If you are looking for a confidential, personalised and trustworthy Licensed Insolvency Trustee who has been granted the authority to handle cases pertaining to bankruptcy and debt in Hamilton, Ontario, then the expert LIT’s at MNP will be able to guide you through the whole process.


We will start by understanding your financial situation, finding the right debt relief solution, and then initiate proceedings that permanently remove debt from your life.