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Debt management is not an easy task especially when your debts overwhelm your savings and income and there is no way for you to pay them off in time.


In such a situation, it may be necessary for you to consider a debt elimination strategy like bankruptcy.


In Canada, you should have at least $1000 in debt to be eligible for declaring bankruptcy but even if your debts far outweigh this, you should stop to think well before you go ahead with this step.


Why is that necessary?


Because of the implications of bankruptcy that can be serious and unexpectedly long term.


Your local Canadian bankruptcy expert can help you understand all of it so that you do not get any rude shocks in the future once you file for bankruptcy.



MNP Limited Kelowna, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

1628 Dickson Avenue
Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 9X1
Phone: 1-888-389-0158


Debt Help in Kelowna, British Columbia


Hire MNP Limited, Kelowna, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee and you recruit a trustworthy ally for yourself in this difficult phase.


MNP Limited has the experience and expertise to tell you all about the personal bankruptcy exemptions that apply in your specific locality so that you can save your assets from the bankruptcy proceedings.


Remember that some assets, like your home, can be saved if you are aware in time of strategies to ensure your high equity build up does not put it under risk.


With MNP Limited by your side, you have a local bankruptcy professional in CANADA with sound knowledge about all the nuances of bankruptcy law and also experience in the actual paperwork that is to be done.


A bankruptcy professional can handle all these tedious, time consuming yet necessary aspects of the bankruptcy process and leave you free to handle your finances through this phase.


Once you have taken care of all the duties that devolve upon you in a bankruptcy, your helpful Kelowna, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee will also ensure that you have your discharge in hand.


This discharge makes you finally free from all your obligations.


Now, it is time to set your finances back on track and here too, we are right by your side, giving you tips and advice on how to improve your financial habits.


Your bankruptcy expert’s goal is to ensure that you not only get out of debt but also stay out of it in the future by tweaking your spending in such a way that you build a nest egg to fall back on in a financial emergency.


It is time to take the first step towards financial freedom.


Call now and set up your appointment.