MNP Limited Windsor, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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78 Thomas St, Windsor, NS, B0N 2T0


Our Windsor, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee, has the reputation of serving our clients with utmost respect and dignity.


We pursue cases doggedly and relentlessly to close them successfully.


Just in case you landed on this page looking for bankruptcy help, delay no more when the help is just around the corner.


All you have to do is contact the professional closest to you listed on this webpage.


MNP Limited Windsor, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee

78 Thomas St
Windsor, NS B0N 2T0
Phone: 833-201-7454


 Why Should You Contact Us for Windsor Debt Help?


We have licensed professionals assigned with the task of assisting you with debt problems, no matter how severe or complicated it may have turned into because of long neglect.


As a LIT, which is a short form of Licensed Insolvency Trustee, we have been entrusted with this task by the Government of Canada in pursuance of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Act.


Here are some of the reasons you will find your association with us a rewarding experience.


We Are Ethical


We comply with the ethical code of conduct for dealing with clients and we adhere to our professional code of conduct.


It means we treat you with respect and dignity.


We offer our service in the best interest of our clients.


The trustee will keep all your information confidential.


We take your prior consent before we take any action step.


The trustee is transparent in their dealings with you.


We Honour Time and Punctuality


We never drag or prolong your case any more than the minimum time required to accomplish it.


One implication of this is that you become debt-free as early as possible so that you are ready for a fresh financial start.


We Share All Necessary Information


We explain to you your legal rights.


Our trustee will explain to you the legal implications of your problem and of the solutions we offer.


We are open to any question, doubts and queries you may want us to address.


Meetings and Discussion


We do not hold just the mandatory meetings but go overboard.


We hold meetings to ensure you are stress-free, debt-free and move ahead on a rewarding financial journey.


Our trustee holds meetings to educate and counsel you on the financial matters relevant to you.


We educate and empower you to make sound financial decisions, once you embark on a fresh financial start.