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Dealing With the CRA Tax is a fundamental component in society, and it wouldn’t be possible for great nations to form in the modern world without this mechanism. People contribute a small amount of their own money to help fund their government, keep their roads maintained, and a huge range of other areas that wouldn’t […]

Tax Debts & Filing Bankruptcy Most people understand the gist of filing for bankruptcy, but some of you probably wonder if all debts are wiped out. More specifically, many individuals ask the question: should I file bankruptcy for tax debts? Do tax debts get discharged with bankruptcy? Tax debt is any money that you owe […]

Stopping Canada Revenue Agency Collections With an Automatic Stay of Proceedings Consumer proposals and filing for bankruptcy are two of the most common forms of debt relief. When you take either of these steps, under federal law, it creates an automatic “stay of proceedings.” What does this mean? Essentially, the individuals and businesses that you […]

Late Tax Returns & Bankruptcy in Canada Filing for personal bankruptcy in Canada isn’t a straightforward process in which you have unsecured debts discharged from your record. It is a significant legal procedure that impacts your financial status and prospect for several years. Consequently, you will need to satisfy several requirements before entering the bankruptcy […]